To get started taking surveys you need to first register. It’s free to join just fill out the Survey Strategy membership form.
Once you have finished the membership form you will be redirected to a demographics form. Please fill this form out as best you can. This information will be used to find the best surveys that the survey companies are willing to pay you to take.
After filling out the demographics form you will go thru three more steps that consist of promotional offers that we have picked for our customers.
After you have completed the steps above you will be redirected to a list of survey companies that are willing to pay you for your opinion. Just register for these companies and they will send you survey’s based on your information. It is important to fill out all of the registration forms so that you can maximize your survey experience.
You will receive an email from: This email will ask you to click the link to activate your account. Once you activate your account you will be redirected to a database of over 450 paying survey companies.


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